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Another Cook Book

Postby Shadowgirlau » Sat Jun 20, 2015 9:07 am

I recently ordered another cook book and can hear DH groaning already before it even arrives. Just love cook books and having lost all my old collection of them some 30 yrs ago due to hubbies mid life crisis decision to travel, I've been slowly rebuilding a new collection. The book I recently ordered is called 'The Lemon Cookbook' 50 sweet & Savoury Recipes to brighten every meal by Ellen Jackson. There is a wide array of breakfast foods along with salads, sides and seafood dishes in this book and the photography is beautiful.

Another book which caught my attention is called 'Infuse' Oils, Spirit , Water by Eric Prum & Josh Williams. You can see some of the inspiring photography in this book on a preview of it on Amazon if you would like to go search for it.
Although I have had a mini herb garden I can see that I am gong to have to enlarge it if I am going to try some of the many recipes in this book for infusing. Having decided that from now on I will no longer be buying gifts but making them for friends and family I've been looking for inspiration to do so. There seems to be plenty of that in this book for starters, for a few of my family members and friends, something different.

I used to be an avid reader myself however for some reason once I married and started a family I stopped reading so much. Actually I didn't pick up a book to read in nearly 20 yrs. Slowly over the past few years there has been a shift back to doing so again particularly in the past 18 months although not the type of books I used to read, instead I've developed a more eclectic style of reading so I've discovered.

At the moment I'm reading cook books, DIY & gardening books although I have also read the occassional Dan Brown and I really like Tara Moss's older series of books. Many of my friends have these tablets and use kindle to read books however I haven't gotten into that myself. I think I just love to feel and see books on my bookshelves, and really enjoy flipping through them when I feel I need something inspiring to do but am not sure what at the time and of course for me there is something different about being able to feel a book.

Anyway whatever method you use to read and type of book you like -

happy reading,
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