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Maggies Harvest

Postby Shadowgirlau » Sat Jan 31, 2009 7:12 pm

Well folks, I have just finished reading the cookbook written by Maggie Beer called - Maggies Harvest for the second time.
I admit that the first time I read it I missed quite a lot as I skimmed pages but a year down the track and needing something to do that is quiet in the early mornings while waiting for everyone else to wake up (I regularly get up between 4am and 6am being a poor sleeper) I either read, pin my quilt squares if I have an ongoing project orembroider if I am not working on my list of things to do or pooring through gardening mags for ideas etc.
Anyway lets get back on topic shall we? Maggies book is delightful and very tactile. Maybe some of you have seen this book and so know what I refer to. It has the look and feel of tapestry, is very thick an heavy and certainly brings back memories for those of us who remember the 1970's '80s and onwards. Apart from some wonderful tit bits of life reminders it is full of interesting snippets of SA's history albeit to do with the Barossa mainly and cooking. Even so I thoroughly enjoyed the book and even though there are only maybe 2 or 3 recipes in it that I feel inspired to actually try for myself, I am sure I will re read this book many times in the years to come. Who knows, maybe even I will be inspired to be more adventurous and try more of them in years to come as well. :lol:

It is an expensive book so have a look for it in your library if it is not something you would buy, otherwise like me keep your eye out for a good sale.

I am now on the look out for the book Maggies Farm. Although Christmas is awhile away :lol: The kids are always asking me what I would like for Christmas or my birthday and with a birthday coming up in April I think I will add this to my list for them.

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