My Early peach tree is in bloom already

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My Early peach tree is in bloom already

Postby Shadowgirlau » Sun Aug 24, 2014 4:14 pm

With one of my peach trees in bloom and looking absolutely beautiful I am reminded that it wont be long before the rest of the trees follow suit and I have an orchard full of fruit to both eat with some of the fruits being ready around the Christmas New year period (just when I am either flat out with prep or recovery) :o

Earlier this morning, although I really had a list of things to do the length of my arm, I instead found myself going through all my jars and lids. The racks of jars down in the shed are all dusty so out came all the jars and up to the house they were carried so they could all be washed. No point in sterilizing them though as they will be washed again and sterilized just prior to use anyway. While the shelves were empty I took the opportunity to wash them down and don't they clean shelves now full of gleaming cleaned preserving jars look just wonderful? ;) Having cleaned the jars I turned my attention to the lids, collected all the rings for my jars and washed these, counted how many I have on hand and made a note of how many new and replacement rings/bands will be required. This left just the new lids for the Ball jars to count, how many boxes of opened and unopened were on hand followed by a note of how many I think I might need over the summer into next autumn? That has been enough work for today so tomorrow I shall have to search out all my utensils/tools and labeling equipment then I can rest easy that I am at least prepared.

Being down in the shed and feeling somewhat self satisfied :lol: with my accomplishments for the day I just had to look in the freezer and what did I find, but a container of frozen berries that I had over looked. So much for the missing mince I had decided I might find? I bought this container up and now it is half defrosted will make a batch of mixed berry jam this evening.

How goes your list of preparations for the approaching season?
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