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Posted: Wed Dec 31, 2008 12:34 pm
by admin
Some forums have put in their agreements that the forum owner, owns all articles and posts. We strongly disagree with this!

Recently an article (not on this forum) was used without permission in an article for 'Grass Roots' magazine. This has prompted a post to make clear where this forum and website stand on copyright of your articles and posts.

Our Copyright Understanding
Your posts and articles are copyright to you! We will not use or reproduce your information for our gain, nor will we portray that your article(s) or posts are our work. If you feel at any stage acknowledgment hasn't been made clearly and your information is used, please let us know and it will be rectified.

If you decide to leave this forum and would like all your posts deleted from the forum, you can contact admin and they 'will' be deleted. We strongly support your ownership of your articles and posts.

Although you are not able to delete posts, you do have the right to have your posts deleted, and we will on request delete your posts and any articles you have submitted.