Essentials of Cooking

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Essentials of Cooking

Postby Huxter » Sun Mar 01, 2009 1:37 pm

"Essentials of Cooking " by James Peterson ---Konneman Books 1999
ISBN 3-8290-6081-5

-----"Learn not just the how but the why by mastering the indispensableskills that spell the difference between merely cooking and knowing how to cook "

-----"meticulously formulated and caringly written " -The New York Times

This unrivaled practical guide has most things young or inexperienced cooks need to know .I got it for my stepson who has moved into uni residential college but needs to cook his own meals . But I have devoured it myself .

Know how to bone or carve a chook properly ?? or poach fish ??--or fillet fish and then steam the fish ? --or make a decent vege soup ?? --lets start with making a stock for the freezer ! Tips for grilling steaks ,roasting meats , how to carve a leg of lamb? -just follow these 10 easy photo steps . Extraordinary detail .And all profusely illustrated .Hundreds of topics all clearly illustrated .

C's daughter was given my bible ,that is ,Stephanie Aalexander's large volume but this will suit James because of the illustrations .

A worthwhile gift for any young cook starting off .


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Re: Essentials of Cooking

Postby Shadowgirlau » Sun Mar 01, 2009 4:43 pm

Sounds great paul,
I shall keep an eye out for it at the library so I can have a real squizz. I collect cookbooks and cooking mags (the ones that are all recipes and tips, not the lifestyle type cooking ones) and these are the bane of hubbies life at times; so for now I will content myself with a library book if it comes in. :lol:

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