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Submitted by: Minnie, NSW Australia

STEP ONE: Start with your just patted butter

Having just finished working your butter with butter pats, take the butter and place in a bowl or jug. See making homemade butter.

STEP TWO: Beat the butter

Start to beat the soft butter, just enough to prepare for the olive oil.

STEP THREE: Add Olive Oil

Keep beating the butter with the oil until it's smooth and glossy. I've experimented with the oil to butter ratio until I found the look of the butter told me when it was how hard I wanted the butter from the fridge.

STEP FOUR: Mixed well

Now the butter and olive oil are mixed together throughly and very soft.

STEP FIVE: Pour and Store

Now pour your olive oil butter into a container and place in the fridge.



Many thanks to Kathleen (Shadowgirlau) for giving me the initial idea and olive oil amounts used.