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About Us

Vicki Stebbins (minnie) and Kathleen Ellison (shadowgirlau) met on a forum.

After some time we individually came to realise that posts were deleted based on competition pricing for the front end sales. As time passed we noticed the owners posts were more geared toward selling their products, than having an open discussion forum for preserving, canning, cheesemaking and growing our food.

After forming a friendship and speaking off the forum we decided to put in place our dream of an open place of like minded people discussing the many issues of our food, and environment without agenda.

We wanted to show people how to preserve their harvests by step by step photographs.

Kathleen had written many articles on preserving and canning and has many, many years experience. She bottles (cans) well in excess of 1,000 products each year.  

Our intention is to bring together like minded people who can openly discuss their processes and skills for discussion and without criticism.

We will never have retail sales to ensure our integrity and we ask everyone to provide on the forum where they buy preserving/canning equipment, tools and ingredients and their experiences with retailers. We want everyone to get the best buys, not just us!

We hope you enjoy the website and forum and look forward to getting to know you.