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Many of us in Australia are looking more and more every day at our food, from how it's grown to the processes it goes through to reach our dinner tables. On this journey some have decided to begin growing their own food, bottling (preserving their harvest) of high acid foods and 'canning' (bottling with a special pressure cooker) low acid foods such as canning pumpkin soup, butter chicken and other high acid foods. 

It doesn't take long to include home cheese making in our foods we want to produce ourselves for our friends and families, why not try making a lovely home-made camembert.

The first step doesn't take much time, money or skill but we all need a little help to get started in preserving, canning and cheesemaking in Australia, let our preserving/canning/cheesemaking forum help you not only begin the steps but to learn more and more as we take the journey together.

Our forum discusses how to preserve your harvest, making cheese at home, small farms and includes recipes and general chat of like minded people discussing many issues in an open and tolerant community.

We hope you'll share your experiences and skills with us.


Our step by step instructions on canning, preserving and cheesemaking at home, has new recipes added regularly and eventually will be a visual aid to help everyone in their preserving endevours.

Our believe is we can all help our planet by living a 'green' life, growing some of our food, preserving our harvest and caring for our environment and the other species we share it with will ultimately help preserve our world for the future generations.

We try to help you find the best equipment and products, at the best price for canning, preserving and cheesemaking - jars, replacement lids and cheese starters and equipment. We buy Australian organic seed and save our seed to make our lives 'greener' and more sustainable.

Our site has no affliation with any retailer and we will not undertake sales as part of this website, instead we believe you get the best deals from a transparent and open website with recommendations by the people that buy products, not the people that sell them.

Please enjoy yourself and let us know if there's something that you'd like to see on this site, we look forward to making the 'green' journey to a sustainable life with you.