Pumpkin Seed

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Pumpkin Seed

Postby Shadowgirlau » Sat Dec 03, 2011 6:18 pm

Hello Vicki,
Thank you for the pumpkin seed Vicki, they arrived in the yesterdays post which I collected just awhile ago. DH was thrilled and has gone off to the shed already so I expect him to tell me when he comes back up to the cottage that they have now been planted in pots. He loves to use Peter Cundall's sayings as well so expect plenty of those remarks as well. :lol:
Mind you I do miss Peter Cundall on Gardening Australia.

As an aside the strawberries are producing very well with more than 1 1/2 kilo already being put in the freezer for the winter. I am waiting till this evening to pick more strawberries and also boysenberries, raspberries (a few) and Sylvan berries as I see plenty of them are already black. If I have time I shall also thin out the carrots.

DH has at last made a start on irrigating my vegetable garden having trenched the line for the rural pipe from the water tank through the middle of the garden bed area, up to the orchard on one side and down to the open veggie garden area on the opposite end. Am so very pleased as I had thought I was going to face another long hot summer of hand watering. When I was down in Albany the other day I bought a few more bits and pieces in the irrigation supplies that we actually do have just can't find amongst all the packed gear. Initially DH was wary of buying any more irrigation bits and pieces however i eventually convinced him that we will still have the front and two sides of the house gardens to irrigate (although this will be done using grey water) and the orchard. While I was away getting the extras he checked the pump and it is going beautifully.

Thanks again
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Re: Pumpkin Seed

Postby minnie » Sun Dec 04, 2011 9:46 am

Hi Kathleen,

No problem, hope you get lots of blues!

That's one thing DH did was lay the poly in trenches for the garden and cattle troughs and chooks water... it's a lot of poly with the distances. But we still have some of the trenches open which is a pain, hopefully before long we can fill them in.

Makes life sooooo much easier to water when you have the pipe in place.

As an aside I got three 'cheap' hoses from Bunnings a few weeks back, from memory about $6 each, so I figgered if they last a year they're still worth it, and to have hoses on as many taps as possible is great.


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