Hi from Heidi

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Hi from Heidi

Postby Heidi » Tue Aug 25, 2009 9:33 pm

Hello All,
I'm very new to the preserving and cheesmaking game! I live in Northern NSW and handmilk a Jersey cow. I enjoy raw milk tremendously and have perfected yogurt. I just need more milk to try out making cheese! I've started preserving in the trustee Fowlers jars, with varying level of success! My mandarins turned out exceedingly bitter!!! I've just bought an antique Lister cream separator and eagerly awaiting its arrival from Tasmania! Minnie - I may need help getting the cones in order if there's no instructions (and since when do these things come with instructions!!). Really look forward to getting my own thick cream! Bye for now!

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Re: Hi from Heidi

Postby minnie » Wed Aug 26, 2009 9:43 am

Hi Heidi,


We have an old Lister Cream Separator as well. It was interesting the first few times we used it as we thought it was broken as the milk didn't separate and then DH found this website with information from a book or manual written in the thirties and we did it!!

Over time we've worked out what works best etc and bit by bit have worked out how it all works and fits together.

The cream screw is important as well as it gives you more or less cream by how far it's screwed in.

When you get it if you want to talk over the phone just PM me and we can talk.

You'll LOVE the results from separating with it, way different to skimming.

I had a jersey years back, I raised her on a bucket, she was absolutely the most beautiful animal. These days we have Dexter cattle which we've yet to milk, get all our milk from a dairy at the moment and have for a few years. The Dexters apparently have almost the same butterfat content of the jersey but are a beef breed as well, and are a bit smaller than the jersey... what breed do you put over your girl?

I've used the vacola jars, recycled jars and mason jars and believe the mason system is better than the vacola, but who cares if the results in the jars are good. ;) I did mandarins approx three years back and laboriously pitted and got all the pith off them to bottle and they turned out bitter as well. Then I read in my very old Vacola book (1930's vintage I think) that I should have done them in a heavier sugar syrup rather than a light water one... I think we get so bogged down today with low sugar/low fat that we forget that some things need it and it's not always bad for us... more to the point it's how much of anything we have rather than having it at all.

Look forward to hearing about your separator when it arrives.

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Re: Hi from Heidi

Postby Shadowgirlau » Wed Sep 09, 2009 7:44 pm

Hi Heidi,


Oh you lucky devil you, I have been looking for an old separator for just ages. :mrgreen:

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Re: Hi from Heidi

Postby Hayhay » Wed Sep 16, 2009 7:17 pm

Hi and belated welcome Heidi (haven't been on here for ages).

LOVE homemade yoghurt.......don't think I could bear to eat shop bought any more.....


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