Hi from the Yass Valley

Please introduce yourself and let us welcome you.
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Hi from the Yass Valley

Postby MaidenFarmer » Mon Jan 28, 2013 8:55 am

Hi everyone I live on 300 acres just outside of Canberra. My place is on Stand alone solar. we have a mix of country that is pasture and forest and I'm working( ever so slowly) towards being self-sufficient and certainly enjoying the hard work involved getting there.
We have a Dexter cattle stud, with beautiful dexters in all three colours, a hand full of lovely traditional jersey cattle, heritage old breed pigs, a few annoying alpaca, a small flock of dorper sheep and lots of heritage breed chooks- I think I have 12 breeds so far, and always adding 'just one more'! Love poultry.
So it's a real mix and a lot of work and I hope to be self sufficient, and retire from full time off farm employment one day soon.
Looking forward to learning more about cheese making and working with dairy on this forum and sharing with you all
Dexter & traditional purebred Jersey cattle; Dorper sheep; Berkshire Piggies; heritage rare breed chooks, duckies & guinea fowl; Mad little pomeranians & Maremma dogs& still learning about it all.

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Re: Hi from the Yass Valley

Postby minnie » Fri Feb 01, 2013 9:17 am

Welcome MaidenFarmer,

What an eclectic bunch you have :D We have dexter cattle (stud) and now only have one alpaca, we lost one last week.

It seems Jan/Feb is not a good time for Alpacas in Northern NSW I think heat, humidity and rain aren't good for them. We love them, as they're gently lovely creatures but in some ways more work than cattle, so they've been more pets than anything else. ;)

We're on 125 acres, but have a lot of regrowth and too much run off into the creek so it's a long hard slog to get decent pasture and due to our high rainfall the grass is a bit deficient in many minerals... soooo at the moment for this land we're overstocked with 25 head and need to do some serious selling in Autumn.

We've had some quiet times over the last months on the forum, I know for me I've been busy feeding and working full time, as well as involved in the stopping Coal Seam Gas in our region.

Look forward to hearing all about your farm and sustainble living.

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Re: Hi from the Yass Valley

Postby Shadowgirlau » Sun Apr 14, 2013 9:05 am

Hi Maiden Farmer,
Lovely to see a new face on the forum. Welcome. Your place sounds wonderful although a lot of work (aren't all properties). We retired from 3 3/4 acres to 5 acres (so much for downsizing) which I think is way more than enough for us to manage. We have 5 Dorpers and a dozen mixed breed hens. When DH has some spare time I will get him to build me another hen house and divide the orchard as I would like to add to my flock this year if possible.

I have been one of those MIA members in recent times, long story. I do check in on occassion and am hopeful that I will have more time to do so in the next few months.
We have solar which we are hoping to add to in the next few months (before next summer) I enjoy preserving (haven't been doing enough of it) quilting and other hobbies which I fit in, inbetween building the house developing a house garden and the veggie garden amongst other things.

Anyway, welcome
Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.
- John Lennon

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Re: Hi from the Yass Valley

Postby Dinahmite » Wed Apr 17, 2013 12:26 pm

Hello and welcome,

Never been to the Yass Valley but your place sounds lovely.
We used to run a large beef and horse properties of hundreds of acres over 2 farms but have now downsized and I am enjoying the more intensified farming. We live in the south west of WA in a pretty spot on the river but I do miss the wide open spaces with nothing on your ears except the sounds of nature. But life goes on.. I am finding that a smaller acrerage is almost as busy as a large one in that a larger one seems to look after itself. Even today I will be busy mowing around the sheds, spraying before the wet hits and trying to tow a tree that has fallen across a fence.

I love chooks too but I only have 3 at the moment... and yes they do all have names... :lol:
My neighbours have dexters which are bred from Angus that we used to run. Seems the escaping trait that Angus have has come through to the Dexters as we are often finding a steer or 2 in our place from next door.

Our Angus could jump a 1200 electric fence and one neighbour asked me if I was training them in showjumping.... I told him... no, only the horses. ;)

We used to be a vibrant chatty board but seems people are busy with their own lives these days. However there is tons of useful info on here and I have used it a lot.

Look forward to your posts. I would love to hear more about your chooks. At the local show recently I saw breeds of chooks I have never seen before.... fascinating.
Hubby recently built a 'poultry palace' for the girls to thwart the efforts of Mr Fox. It is a walk in closed area for their perching and nesting boxes with a small door to a walk out yard that has weld mesh instead of wire and a roof over it so they can access that in the wet weather. The yard then opens to an enclosed orchard for thyem to scratch in.
Foxes can chew through wire we found, hence the weld mesh. We have had no bother since.
The hen house section is even insulated... nothing too good for our gorgeous girls who love to sit on our laps while we enjoy a quiet glass of wine on the deck. Freckles even likes a bit of wine...true.. :D or anything else on the table.


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