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Brissy new member

Postby HarrisIndi » Fri Sep 23, 2011 4:56 am

Hi everyone,

I live in south Brisbane and very new to all of this. Have decided I want a more sustainable life so have come here to learn as much as I can and hopefully, share along the way. We live in a fairly typical house and can't dig up the garden to plant veggies r anything, so I'm looking into container gardening options. Am saving at present to buy land one day. My partner will retire in about 15 years and then we can do the going bush thing.

We don't have any children and currently no pets due to landlord rules, but I've taken to feeding the wild birds :)


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Re: Brissy new member

Postby minnie » Fri Sep 23, 2011 7:20 am

Welcome Michelle,

There's lots of options in city dwelling, as you've said containers/pots and if you have a small garden area you could do an espalier fruit tree if you're sure you're staying in that rental.

It's so sad when landlords won't let you have a pet, I rented for many years and love the freedom now of owning and being on the land.

Another thing with city living and no pets you can do a weekend trip out to the growing areas and pick up boxes of produce that only need preserving, something that some of us with animals find difficult to do, get away. ;)

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Re: Brissy new member

Postby Heidi » Sat Sep 24, 2011 1:53 am

Hi Michelle,
I recollect the days of renting too! I hated having to ask permission to plant a garden and the like! Wise move though not to get a pet whilst you're renting never know if the next place you rent will allow them, and there are so many pets advertised on Gumtree because their owners are nolonger in accomodation that will allow them. It is terribly sad.

Yes, container gardening is the way to go for rentals. The white polystyrofoam brocolli boxes are really good for it, you can just poke holes in them for drainage. If you have a Bilo or a Coles nearby, you'll probably find them being given away or thrown at the back of the store somewhere. Farmer Charlies around here used to sell them for $1 each. I was given a water tank which I cut in half and used for a my first above ground garden. I managed to do a fair amount of lettuce and tomatoes in that small tank!

And preserving is also a good way to do it to. Buy in bulk when things are on sale, and then preserve away. At least you know theres no artificial chemicals in them that way!

Bye for now and really hope to hear more from you.


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Re: Brissy new member

Postby Hayhay » Sat Sep 24, 2011 9:19 pm

Hello and welcome!

Container gardening can be great - specially herbs by your back door. And yeah you can also do the preserving and cheesemaking etc without needing garden space.

When in rentals I've always just put a vege garden in without asking and they seem happy at the end as it increases the value of the property - but then the houses we've rented don't have much in the way of gardens (ie read weed infested nothings). Guess we were lucky though in our rentals we've had ducks, chooks and dogs.


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